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the story of hansel and gretelthe story of hansel and gretel

One of the best tales of our childhood was The Story Of Hansel And Gretel! The story begins with the children living with their father and the stepmother

pregnant princesses mall shoppingpregnant princesses mall shopping

Try to make these girls pretty in another fun Pregnant Princess mall shopping game in which you will have a limited budget that you can spend between two shops

baby aurora castle decorationbaby aurora castle decoration

Spring is here and now you will clean things up in this Baby Aurora castle decoration game and everything will look great

belle jewelry boxbelle jewelry box

Begin a restoration project in this Belle jewelry box decoration game in which she will need your help repairing the wooden piece and then restore its greatness with some colors and new hinges

princesses city breakprincesses city break

Whenever you are stressed out with your daily routine, a city break is the perfect way to escape it for a short while and relax

ladubug garden decorationladubug garden decoration

A busy day awaits in this new ladybug garden decoration game and you will have to do most of the work

cat noire saving ladybugcat noire saving ladybug

Help rescue Ladybug in this Cat noir free game before Hawk Moth manages to send her to outer space

belle legs spabelle legs spa

Become closer friends with the Disney princess in this Belle legs spa game in which you will be making her legs look shiny and smooth while also giving her a new look with a bit of make up and hair styling

zootopia easter missionzootopia easter mission

Have a pleasant time with Judy in this Zootopia Easter game in which you will go on an adventure to find all the hidden eggs and gather as many as you can before starting to decorate them for Easter

masha and the bunnymasha and the bunny

Rehabilitate this bunny in a fun Easter pet care game as he will be on his way to becoming one of the cutest animal you have ever seen

masha and the bear farmmasha and the bear farm

Enjoy a sunny day working hard in this Masha and the Bear farming game and you will soon become one of the richest farmers out there

baby princesses roombaby princesses room

Start off this lovely day by helping the little girls in a fun princess room cleaning game where you will have lots of tasks and everything will lead up to you decorating the whole room at the end

sadness new iphonesadness new iphone

Start off this phone customization game by cleaning it first as you will see that it is quite in a rough spot

ariel underwater worldariel underwater world

Start off the day with some Ariel house cleaning game where you will get to clean up an underwater home and its front yard

joys flower shopjoys flower shop

Learn how to manage a flower shop in this Joy decorations game as you will have to make some delightful looking bouquets of flowers for the customers that are ringing you on the phone

ca cupid love potionca cupid love potion

Valentine's Day is approaching and CA Cupid has a chance to win Dexter Charming's heart

before and after: selfie challengebefore and after: selfie challenge

Have you ever heard of the selfie challenge? It's a fun thing you can do with your friends! First you have to take a selfie right after you get up in the morning and then take another one after you have put on make-up and clothes

elsa horse caringelsa horse caring

Fall in love with your new pet in this Elsa horse caring game, but be aware that they require quite a bit of maintenance

flynn and maximus saving rapunzelflynn and maximus saving rapunzel

Help the prince reach the castle and impress the princess in this new horse running game so he will have a chance at being with her

riley farmriley farm

Become a succesful person in this Riley farm game as you will have to work really hard but the rewards are worth it

cinderella shoes boutiquecinderella shoes boutique

Hey Ladies, would you like helping lovely Princess Cinderella run her new business? She has opened a shoes boutique and it looks like she already has a customer

ariel storyariel story

See the story of the mermaid, her best friend and the king in this Ariel puzzle game as she will need your help to piece together all the puzzles in order to see the images that the text on the left pages describe

which disney character is your bffwhich disney character is your bff

Hey girls, do you have a favorite Disney character? What a silly question, of course you have! Disney Princess but if she would be our real life friend, would we get along well? Would that princess be your BFF? Well, in this fun new quiz game called Which Disney Character Is Your BFF, you are going to find out which of the Disney characters would be your best friend

which song best describes your lifewhich song best describes your life

Hey girls, what is your all-time favorite song? We all have a special song that never gets old and we never get bored listening it right? In case you haven't found that special song yet, start playing this fun game to complete Ellie's quiz, which will tell you exactly what song describes you and your life

belle and ariel car washbelle and ariel car wash

Welcome to another great Belle and Ariel car wash game where you will get to dress them both up and then take care of the customers that want their vehicles to be nice and shiny after they visit you

barbie going to campingbarbie going to camping

Join a special group of friends in this Barbie going camping game and help them prepare for this special trip in the middle of nature

minion girl and the newborn babyminion girl and the newborn baby

Playtime has started in this Minion girl and the newborn baby game and you have to finish all the challenges without getting spotted by the weary momma

dentist crazy daydentist crazy day

This is the day you have to go to the dentist an d you have to take care or your teeth

design rapunzel's princess shoesdesign rapunzel's princess shoes

Hello Ladies, Rapunzel needs a bit of help and maybe your fashion skills might come handy to her in this Design Rapunzel's Princess Shoes game