Nail games

Get ready for some manicures and pedicures in our fun nail games for girls. Choose colors and designs to paint the nails. Nail designs games where you can paint nails and decorate nails, add stickers, jewelry and sometimes rings and bracelets. Making up your mails will make your hand more abstractive.

princess nail caringprincess nail caring

Who is ready for manicure mania? Try this manicure game where you have to take care of the nail of a princess and you have to make a royal design

jasmine nails salonjasmine nails salon

Have your new client taken care of in this Jasmine nail salon game and she will be the happiest princess ever

ice princess nails salonice princess nails salon

Have your new client taken care of in this Ice Princess nail salon game and she will be the happiest princess ever

aurora nails salonaurora nails salon

Take good care of your newest customer in this Aurora nail salon game as she is looking to get some brightly colored nail polish on her nails

ariel nails salonariel nails salon

Ariel woke up excited in this Disney manicure game because she will be getting her nails done by you and she knows you will do an awesome design for her

creepy nail artcreepy nail art

There are so many fun things to wear and so cute decorations to put on! Halloween is super fun for kids and adults alike, so have fun and try one or two of these creepy nail designs

floral manicure decorationfloral manicure decoration

I adore nail art! Every four weeks I go to my nail salon and show my nail artist lots of ideas I have gathered from off the internet, we have fun bouncing around ideas and the end result is always stunning! Just by playing this great nail decoration game girls I have another couple of ideas I'm going to use next time

renas pedicure sparenas pedicure spa

Have you ever had a pedicure before? If not you're missing out! I'm super jealous of Rena's pedicure session, she has her feet pampered, clipped and treated with gorgeous creams and then she has an amazing selection of colors, patterns and intricate tattoos and if she is feeling lavish she will get some brand new strappy sandals and toe rings to finish the look off

precious princess nailsprecious princess nails

Hello ladies! We are all some precious princesses, did you know that? In this really exciting nails game called Precious Princess Nails that we have prepared for you, you will be given the unique opportunity to learn how to take care of your manicure, and also prepare your own moisturizing hand cream

new years nailsnew years nails

Hello ladies! Are you ready for the New Year's Eve? The beautiful young lady that you are about to meet in our brand new nails game called New Year's Nails, is planning on having the best time of her life tonight, at the amazing party she is attending

magical diamond nailsmagical diamond nails

Hello ladies! Did you manage to get your manicure done for the most fabulous Saturday party ever? If not, it's your lucky day because we have a new magical pampering session for your nails to make them look as beautiful as a precious diamond

golden nails secretsgolden nails secrets

Hello ladies! Who doesn't simply adore having the most beautiful manicure in the whole world? I'm sure you do too, and this is precisely why we have prepared a really exciting nails game in which you are going to have the opportunity of learning how to create the most beautiful and sparkling manicure possible

fruit nail makeoverfruit nail makeover

Customize your very own tasty and delicious colorful fruit salad of finger fashions! Pick far out food inspired colors and cover them in stickers, decals, and matching rings! Summer is soon here and your hands will definitely look a lot better with some fruity inspired nails! Pretty paint each of your fancy nails with your favorite fruits to have a dozen super cheerful hand nails, ready for the summer

foxy nails secretsfoxy nails secrets

The secrets to having beautiful, foxy nails is to take care of them, using top quality products and also give them a nice shape and choose the most brilliant colors and accessories

toe nail designtoe nail design

Design your toes with many manicure options, choice and colors

million dollar manicuremillion dollar manicure

This festive season Sonja wants to have a unique manicure, and it should be very special and expensive

spider web nailsspider web nails

Halloween is coming and you know what that means! It means lots of fantastic parties, candy and lots of fun! Julia is invited to a Halloween party tonight and she needs your help to get ready

beauty feet pedicurebeauty feet pedicure

When I went on tour stayed in the tavern, near the beach beauty parlor my legs, arms, and beautiful to look at is how you play your hands

nails for schoolnails for school

Sonia just received her diploma from the manicure makeover school, and now she's going to start working for her sister at her very own nail design salon

floral craze nailsfloral craze nails

It might be getting colder, but when other girls are covering up their fingers in mittens, Amy is showing off her fairy floral ensemble! She's got a glamorous look from her glossy lipstick to her Tinkerbell fingertips

nail salon gamesnail salon games

Nail salons are becoming more and more famous in the city where this girl lives

emo nails makeoveremo nails makeover

At the edge of the woods, this emo girl discovered a fabulous makeup kit

jennifer lopez nail salonjennifer lopez nail salon

Jennifer Lopez is going through a new stage in her life, and that means she's going to go through a series of makeovers until she reaches the point where she wants to be in her life

fashionable nail artfashionable nail art

Enjoy a fun nail salon game and give this beautiful girl a fashionable nail art

trendy summer nails makeovertrendy summer nails makeover

At the end of this summer, when the heat is gradually fading off, it's time to try new colors on your nails to match with clothes

pretty nails decopretty nails deco

Play this great nail salon game and you get to experiment with many nail polish colors as well as with many nails decorations

hand and nail makeoverhand and nail makeover

If you like skin care and beauty products, then chances are that you like to keep your hands looking nice too

nails makeovernails makeover

Here are three beautiful girls all set to attend a party and they want to look amazing