Baby Hazel Learns Shapes

  • Description:
  • Baby Hazel is a smart child and it is time for her to learn as much as possible, because this is the age when she is the most receptive and she can actually learn much more than an adult. And today it is time for you to teach her the shapes. The best way to learn anything is by playing a game, so use her puzzle toys. Choose shapes for her and let her put them in the right location. Create two adorable images, one of a train and one of a butterfly. In the upper part of the screen you can keep up with your timer and your score, so try to move fast. Also keep her happiness level up. When she gets tired of the toys, take her in the kitchen where she can learn more shapes by making cookies. Finally help her fix one of mom's belongings that she broke. Have a great time!

  • How To Play:
  • Help baby Hazel gather up all of the shapes and fit them into the pegs. And remember, a square peg will never fit into a round hole! Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel.